The Making Of

by Hal Milton, Design Director

To be certain, 2020 has been interesting for too many reasons but let’s add Rival Peak to the pile of improbabilities born of it anyway.

Just over a year ago I pitched a living 12-week experimental concept that built off of work done here at Pipeworks around emergent AI and social broadcasting coupled with Genvid’s interactive streaming tech. I wanted this to be set against a serialized branching narrative anchored by a weekly live-action wrap up show whose content was driven by an unbound audience engaging via the largest social network on earth – Facebook.An ambient entertainment experience. A fish tank with a plot of character, story, and mystery that plays out over a limited time period that you, or millions of others, can persistently affect by simply watching — or by tapping the glass of that fishtank to make things happen.

This would require 12 unique characters, each with their own dedicated interactive streams of content (potentially 84 branching days of it if they aren’t eliminated), with 12 broadcast-level wrap-up shows to be produced based off of live weekly data.It is a crazy idea that would take coordinating hundreds of folks across many studios, requiring new tech to be built at every level — and we had around half a year to pull it all together, with a start date of April Fools Day 2020, just after lockdown, completely remote. C’mon, what?

Given the above, know that this experience only exists because some really great groups have come together to do some truly heavy lifting to create a brand new thing.Our partners at Genvid, anchored by the force of nature that is Jacob Navok, have moved mountains to provide the smoothest path for this experiment to reach viewers.We were very lucky to find and partner with the creatives at DJ2e, led by Stephan Bugaj and Dan Jevons, who put together an incredible staff of writers and talent to help bring our tale to life.Facebook has been incredibly supportive, with Matthew Henick being the chief enabler of this delightfully bonkers early step towards a new genre of social interactive entertainment.

The Pipeworks team have functionally bridged all three worlds of interactive content, broadcast entertainment, and social media, completely remote in a bunch of time zones. It’s impossible to be prouder of every lead and individual that contributed to building the interactive framework, art and environments, behaviors, cameras and cutscenes, content tools, test — just an endless amount of effort worthy of better praise than this meager paragraph.

As for Wil Wheaton, I mean, he’s just the perfect choice for this and I’m thrilled to know some things about the journey viewers are going to take with him (and I’m still not believing it’s real he’s working with us).There are increasingly ambitious goals ahead for Rival Peak but for now I’d like folks to check in each day to watch the amazing work made by an amazing group.

Discover our character’s stories, schemes, and dreams and then help or hinder them to their goals.By the way, There are some secrets I could share like did you know the mountain ha—-REDACTED—-TANGRAM THANKS YOU FOR READING THIS {SOCIAL MEDIA POST 26az TITLE INSERT SPEAKER NAME}