The game industry sits at the intersection of a variety of talents and skill sets – from artists and designers to engineers and producers, yet it has historically lacked diversity. Pipeworks realizes that as a game development studio, we should strive for our workforce to represent the diverse player community we serve.

As one of our initiatives towards improving diversity, equity, and inclusion, Pipeworks Studios will share its Diversity Report, or company demographic statistics, annually in hopes of raising awareness about the limited diversity within the tech and gaming industries. With time, we hope this will also show our year-over-year successes toward becoming a more diverse and inclusive company. We are not the first to take this step and hope this will encourage other gaming companies to examine their position in an industry in which women, people of color, and other identities historically have been underrepresented.


Below are the results of our 2020 demographic survey. Pipeworks provided an option for employees who did not want to participate or did not feel comfortable disclosing their identities. This has been recorded as “Prefer not to answer.” As a result, we had about 23% of our employee base that did not wish to participate in the survey. We hope that as we continue these surveys annually, our employees will feel more comfortable and inclined to participate.


Men outnumber women at Pipeworks, while non-binary employees make up a small sliver of the team. The proportion of women in management roles generally fits the ratio of the rest of the studio. However, women are vastly underrepresented within engineering.

gender graph


The majority of our team identifies as white with multiracial employees as the next largest group. This is similar to the demographic makeup with Eugene, OR. Hispanic or Latino/a and Asian employees make up around 5% of our studio. Meanwhile, other races and ethnicities including Black and Alaskan Natives/American Indians make up about 2%. We did not have any employees identify as Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander.

Race and Ethnicity Graph

Sexual Orientation

Those who answered largely identify as straight. Non-straight sexualities including gay, lesbian, bisexual, and asexual results have been aggregated to protect respondent anonymity. We received a higher amount of “Prefer not to answer” for this question than others. This may indicate less comfort in answering questions around sexuality and orientation.

  • 57% STRAIGHT


Agnostic and Atheist make up almost 50% of those who answered. Catholic, Mormon, and Christian denominations make up a similar amount of the studio population as those with multiple religious belongings or belonging to a religion not listed. Only a small sliver of our studio identified as Jewish. We did not have any employees identify as Muslim, Hindu, or Buddhist. Although, those beliefs may be represented under “Multiple Religious Belongings.” This question also had a high number of participants who did not wish to answer.

Religiono chart

Disability Status

Disability status is another area with a high percentage of employees that did not wish to disclose. A majority of those who responded indicated they have no disability or difficulty. Those with sensory impairments, learning difficulties, mental health diagnoses, multiple, or other disabilities not listed make up just under 20% of those that responded.


Around a quarter of Pipeworks employees are caretakers. Next year, we will plan to ask questions to specify if employees are caretakers of children or other dependents such as other family or elderly parents. This information will help us better meet the needs of those are in this position.


  • YES – 23%
  • NO-55%


Lastly, we have a small veteran population on our team.

  • NOT A VETERAN – 73%
  • VETERAN – 6%


Based on the results we received from the survey, we know that we have a long way to go toward creating a truly diverse and inclusive company. We will use this data to help identify areas where we can provide additional assistance or supportive benefits to key employee populations that can improve their experiences at work, make improvements within our studio, including the creation of an employee resource group, and measure shifts in the areas of engagement and belonging at Pipeworks. Thank you to all who participated in the Diversity Report!