Massive Prominence Poker Update Now Available

Prominence Poker

Greetings! We’re happy to announce that a massive update for Prominence Poker is now available. This should help alleviate a lot of the issues the community have been reporting.

As always let us know what you think on the forums!


This list initially included a few changes that aren’t quite yet ready for official release. They’re still coming, but are not included in today’s patch.

Those fixes include:

  • Usernames above 20 characters will now properly truncate
  • The click menu will now default to open
  • Added item names to the Featured items when they are not selected
  • Fixed some artifacts that were appearing at the bottom of the Featured Item page in the shop

We apologize for any confusion.


Re-Organized the Affiliation Rewards for all Affiliations

We want the Affiliations to be unique, fun and diversifying.

We have added additional messaging to the Affiliation Join and Rank Up process, as well as re-organized, added and swapped out some of the rewards. Players will now receive the Affiliation Outfits (for both genders) the moment they join/rank up, along with a new Chip Reward.

Additionally, we have swapped out both of the Affiliations’ associated Table Items, replacing them with items that are more thematically fitting to the Affiliation. Lastly, we have added another, larger, Chip Reward as the last reward in all Affiliations Ranks.

We will continue to improve Affiliations, addressing other issues in the weeks to come.

Join the discussion in our Forums to let us know what you like, dislike, or any ideas that you may have.

Underground mode difficulty and rewards now scale based on player Rank

We have heard your pleas — as well as our own–and tuned down the difficulty of the Henchmen Battles in the Underground.

Now, all Underground Henchmen and Boss battles will scale in both difficulty and rewards as you rise in the Ranks of your Affiliations.

So have no fear my fresh Tourist friends, Al “The Scar” Montana and Brandon “The Savage” Ulm will no longer be crushing souls in the early stages of the game.

These two henchmen have been moved to the later ranks for all you poker brawlers who seek revenge.

Leaderboard Reset

In order to fix some bugs around our Leaderboards, it is required that we do a full Leaderboard reset.  This will not be a regular thing, outside of the normal Season Leaderboard Resets.

We apologize for any inconvenience.

Removed the dry cleaning system

The Dry Cleaning system wasn’t quite fulfilling the role it was intended for. We have removed Dry Cleaning for now and will be replacing it with a better feature in the future.

We’ll tell you all about it as it comes online.


We are always looking to improve the game, along with the larger changes mentioned above, here are some quality of life improvements we’ve made.

If you’d like to know more about these changes, or suggest new ones, please let us know on the Forums!

  • Synced up the cards being dealt on the table with the cards being dealt on the HUD during gameplay
  • Updated the artwork and animations for the Muck Selection UI
  • Added a timer to the Daily Cut screen
  • Additional Load Time Optimizations
  • Added the bonus chip display in the Buy Chips menu
  • Added a button to access the Daily Cut menu onto the Main Menu
  • Added additional transition animations to the Radial Action Menu
  • Moved the Preset Action UI into the 2D HUD
  • Added names, nicknames and affiliation icons to Random AI players in Single Player
  • Added a progress bar to all Loading screens
  • Relocated and reduced the size of the REP Rewards that display at the end of the hand
  • Reworked venue intro camera sequences
  • Added standing card dealing animations
  • Changed The Godmothers play style in order to make her more difficult

Bug Fixes


  • Additional fixes for the ghost/table issues, these should be significantly reduced
  • Connectivity and connection to server lost issues should be significantly reduced
  • Fixed a bug where hand progression would sometimes stop in singleplayer
  • Fixed an issue where the radial action menu would disappear
  • Fixed a crash that would occur on the title screen
  • Fixed an issue where the game would crash during the introduction video
  • Fixed an issue where muting a player in multiplayer would cause a crash
  • Fixed an issue where when the user would disconnect during the intro animation and rejoin they would crash
  • Fixed a bug where accepting consecutive invites before the game result screen loaded would cause a soft-lock (crash)
  • Fixed a crash in the tutorial before the last card in the last hand was dealt
  • Fixed a bug where changing the game type to head to head with more than 2 players would give a generic connection error
  • Fixed an instance where changing from fullscreen to window mode and applying defaults would disable functionality to the left arrow
  • Fixed a bug where players’ nameplates and table refills would not function when using a mouse and keyboard
  • Fixed a bug where clicking compare when no user was selected would cause a network error
  • Fixed a bug where the user would see a network error displayed when joining a friend’s game that could not be joined
  • Fixed a bug where the winning hand screen persisted during the next hand, blocking all actions for the player


  • Fixed a bug where the winner was incorrect in split pot scenarios
  • Fixed instances of camera jitter at the end of intros
  • Fixed numerous bugs related to the Radial Action Menu
  • Fixed a bug where the player avatar appeared and played at a MP table before the player was loaded into that table
  • Fixed a bug where players were receiving the Affiliation rewards for all ranks of that affiliation when leveling
  • Fixed a bug where refilling the table did not multiply the rep reward by the number of users gifted
  • Fixed multiple challenges that were not progressing.
  • Fixed a bug where a player was permanently muted when a player spammed the mute button while loading into a lobby
  • Fixed instances of achievements not tracking
  • Fixed a bug where avatar animations & states were hidden or canceled by various actions
  • Fixed a bug where the players avatar would still be present at the table despite being knocked out of the table
  • Fixed a bug where joining a game in progress did not display the player’s hole cards


  • Fixed a bug where the scrolling arrow UI for rewards on the game results screen didn’t function
  • Updated the art for the Muck Selector UI
  • Fixed a bug where the users’ profile names would be cut off in the Table Standings and Lobby if they were too long
  • Fixed an instance where hitting ALT+TAB after switching to full-screen would show a stretched screen
  • Fixed a bug where the 2000 chips reward from the tourist affiliation did not have an image
  • Fixed a bug where Blind icons were being displayed over empty seats
  • Fixed a bug where information was not displayed in the correct columns in the stats page
  • Fixed placeholder text and images present in the rank reward banner when using a Male Avatar
  • Fixed a bug where the player’s bankroll did not reflect the initial chip reward when joining an affiliation
  • Fixed a bug where the UI in the Featured Items section of the store was grayed out and could not be clicked
  • Fixed instances of the UI overlapping over key information
  • Fixed a bug where the tournament game result screen would display the previous result for a second when losing a tournament game
  • Fixed a bug where the game results screen level up and item reward animations didn’t play
  • Fixed numerous user interface bugs related to REP
  • Fixed a bug where loading animation for the pre-lobby was falsely triggering
  • Fixed numerous display bugs related to the Leaderboards


  • Fixed instance of background avatars in the Kleaners missing the top half of their hair
  • Fixed several instances of skin clipping through multiple outfits
  • Fixed instances of animations not triggering during the introduction cutscenes
  • Fixed instances where the avatar of a joining player would appear as a t-pose
  • Fixed several bugs where animations were not triggering properly
  • Fixed a bug where the avatar could become stuck in the peek animation when their avatar is in the pre-check position
  • Fixed a bug where characters would remain standing after rebuying


Added a shrink function to many text boxes, so localization shouldn’t display clipped the outside of containers

  • Numerous fixes to the localization strings


Fixed a bug in the tutorial where the voice over calls the card before the flip

  • Fixed a bug where the timer SFX would persist between games