Terraria: Pipeworks Takes Over Development on Consoles


We’re extremely proud to reveal that Pipeworks is now the developer behind the PS4 and Xbox One versions of Terraria!

As tremendous, long-time fans of the game, we couldn’t be more excited for this opportunity to work alongside Re-Logic to bring the magic of Terraria to consoles.

For now, our main focus is updating the Terraria code base, to ensure that Terraria is running as smoothly as it possibly can for everyone, regardless of which console they prefer.

Once our updates are in place, we’ll be able to solve technical problems more efficiently, deploy new content more rapidly, and we can start to implement some of our bigger, long-term plans for the game.

For more info and to stay on top of our updates, follow Terraria on Twitter @terraria_logic, Re-Logic @relogicgames, and Pipeworks Studio @pipeworks.

About Pipeworks Studios

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