Game Update - 2nd Closed Beta Patch Arrives

Prominence Poker

Hey Everyone!

A new Closed Beta patch is now available.

We appreciate the support as we work toward making Prominence Poker the best it can be!

If you’re interested in joining the Closed Beta, you can find a code here.

This patch should address and improve the following issues:

  • Character creator asset polish
  • Animation polish
  • Some orbit camera adjustments
  • Chip sounds added to chip tricks
  • Localization Updates
  • Environment polish (Biker Bar)
  • Mayor Avatar VO volume tweaks
  • Additional audio added to the Beast intro Matinee
  • HUD and Nameplate bug fixes
  • Fixed Rep Bonuses that were off by 1
  • Duplicate notifications if the player is idle
  • Fixed multiplayer lobby crash

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