Prominence Poker Multiplayer Hotfixes Released on Steam (PC)

Prominence Poker

Hello everyone! Thanks for providing all of the feedback! Our latest update is focused on addressing some leftover multiplayer stability issues with ghost players.

This should help alleviate some of the issues you’ve been encountering.

Also included in this patch is a modification to the auto graphics setting which should help improve the first-time user experience.

You can delete your local saved game data to have these settings take effect before you launch the game.

Note: This will not modification any profile attributes aside from your settings.

Auto Quality Graphics Changes

• By default the auto graphics setting is now set to medium high as opposed to Ultra
• Auto quality no longer increases while in the shell
• Saved graphic settings are now applied before the title screen
• Auto quality no longer toggles between two separate settings

Note: It is recommended that if you’re still encountering issues with the auto graphics setting that you manually set the graphics option to a setting that works well on your machine (try Medium High to start).

This should help alleviate issues until we do a optimization pass.

Also, please ensure that your video drivers are up-to-date. It’s also important to note that we’re looking into advanced video options in the future.


• Fixed crash when proceeding from prelobby with multiple members, as a result we’ve also addressed an issue where there were multiple hosts in the prelobby.
• We no longer send an immediate seat state for ghost players. This should fix a rejoin-into-ghost bug, and will no longer show empty slots in the lobby as a result.

This also fixes the following issues:

o Camera focuses on Ghost player when re entering the table
o Hole card UI appears for ghosted player
o In the next hand the users chip count says 0
o The users RAM never appears so they can’t make an action.
o In the next hand the users boost amount says -100% and RAM still doesn’t appear


• Fixed a bug where the music suddenly spiked in volume after sign-in