Game Update - 1.25.420.3 Available to Download on Steam

Prominence Poker

Greetings Steam users! We’re happy to announce that a new patch which addresses over 150+ bugs has been released on Steam. Most importantly it should help address a lot of the heavily reported issues from the community.

Keep in mind that these patch notes don’t cover the full extent of all the fixes, and as such we’ve highlighted particular issues and changes we believe are noteworthy.

As always let us know what you think in the comment section! We appreciate the support as we work on making Prominence Poker the best it can be.

Note: If the update isn’t appearing, restart Steam, and it should automatically start downloading.

Big Updates

  • 20k buy-in added to all game modes
  • New cosmetics for males and females
  • Over 200 new shop items will be periodically added to the game over the next 14 weeks! Keep an eye out in the shop

Notable Changes

These changes are available to bring parity between all platforms.

  • The Tough Guy Bundle Price has undergone some tuning to maintain parity between all platforms:
    • STEAM: The Tough Guy Bundle will now award 33,000 chips at an increased price of $2.99. This bundle still has the same bonus chip value of 10%.
  • Additional Table Item interactions!

Bug Fixes

In total more than 150 bugs were fixed in this patch. In an effort to keep the lists readable we’ve keep the notes on the shorter side.


  • Fixed a bug where a disconnect error would occur if the host launched a lobby before the client connected
  • Fixed a bug where in some instances a user failed to join a game session when accepting a game invite from outside of the game
  • Fixed an instance where the emote menu could get stuck on the game results screen
  • Fixed instances of the RAM getting stuck and misplaced
  • Fixed a freeze that would occur when a user attempted to leave the game during a tournament or the tutorial
  • Fixed a bug where the RAM became unselectable if the user was navigating through the shop when it was their turn
  • Fixed an instance where the player would get stuck in an endless loop joining a empty table
  • Fixed other instances of instability


  •        Fixed instances of avatars incorrectly interacting with table items which would cause clipping
  •        Fixed additional instances of clipping within character customization
  •        Fixed instances of duplicate text or items being shown in the game
  •         Fixed a bug where the RAM would flicker repeatedly
  •        Fixed instances of incorrect highlight states in menus
  •        Fixed instances of NPC’s clipping in the environments
  •        Fixed a bug where the Table Ranking displayed inconsistent rankings
  •        Fixed a bug where the user’s entry in the leaderboard wasn’t highlighted by default
  •        Fixed some text inconsistencies within the Helps & Options menu
  •        Fixed a bug where the RAM could overlap the emote menu
  •        Fixed instances of flickering shadows in the environments
  •        Fixed instances of items that couldn’t be identified based on gender
  •        Fixed a bug where NPC’s would do a T-pose.


  •        Fixed a bug where users were unable to send game invitations
  •        Fixed a bug where a user couldn’t select cancel after selecting bet on the RAM
  •        Fixed numerous bugs related to Events
  •        Made some tweaks to speed up gameplay