Prominence Poker Update - Closed Beta

Prominence Poker

Greetings! We’re happy to reveal that our third patch for Prominence Poker is now available. This is our largest update so far with a ton of quality of life improvements as well as the addition of leaderboards.

Again, we can’t thank our community enough for their fantastic feedback during the Closed Beta.

As always, we encourage you to post either on the Steam forums or our official website with your suggestions, feedback, and bug reports.

We appreciate your support in helping make Prominence Poker the best it can be.


  • Fixed Heads-Up crash
  • Chip stack display crash
  • Fixed several tutorial progression halts
  • Windowed and full-screen bug fixes
  • Fixed issue where a player could sometimes not connect to the chat session
  • Game loading rework


  • Lighting pass to all environments
  • Male & female hair mesh polish and bug fixes
  • Updated flop deal and fold animations
  • Various art improvements
  • Fixed render issues on some items
  • Various changes to the animation timings
  • Updated deal and shuffle animations so that they are the correct speed
  • Rake display has been disabled until art has done a pass


  • Updated community page
  • Auto graphics is now an option in the quality spinner. The toggle has been deleted. A ‘Changes Saved’ message will now appear
  • Initial changes to lobby revamp


  • First iteration of Leaderboards feature added


  • Fixed the hover state sound for peeking at the hole cards
  • Tuned the play frequency of the Pros’ VO animations
  • Additional voice over has been added to the game


  • Fixed AI always folding bug
  • A bug where single player rep was not actually capped
  • Fixed a bug where the rake could be zero
  • Modifications to the player seat locations
  • Nicknames now unlock based on overall level and not affiliation level
  • Various localization fixes
  • Added option to mute or unmute player when the microphone enabled option is toggled in-game
  • Shortened the challenge complete toast display length from 3 seconds to 1 second
  • Several challenge bugs have been fixed
  • Fixed an instance of pre-actions not working due to the order changing.