Prominence Poker 2016 Update (July)

Prominence Poker

This is a great weekend to play some Prominence Poker, as we’ve just released a significant update that adds daily events, improves the in-game UI, grants all players a free Rep boost, and much more!

For full details, take a look at the official patch notes.

PATCH NOTES – Update 23.373.001


EVENTS have come to Prominence

The time has come for EVENTS to be released into the streets of Prominence! And just in time for SUCKER PUNCH SATURDAYS.

SUCKER PUNCH SATURDAYS: All Day long, receive TRIPLE REP from the Knockout REP Reward

Events occur every day, granting rewards for performing specific actions, using certain items and even representing your current affiliation.

Please view the EVENTS section of the HOW TO PLAY menu for information about event criteria, scheduling and rewards!


In our last patch, we removed the Dry Cleaning system, hinting towards revamping the system into something a bit more rewarding. Welcome BOOSTS.

BOOSTS will drastically amplify both your REP and Daily Cut rewards for 3 full days! All players will receive this FREE 3 Day BOOST upon creating their account and logging in for the first time.

Fear not existing players, you will receive your FREE 3 Day REP BOOST upon your next log-in.

Reworked the way players join their first AFFILIATION

As mentioned in the prior patch, we noticed that there was some confusion surrounding the Affiliations and how to join them.

We took a step back and realized that the process required in joining an Affiliation felt more like a chore than a reward.

We have changed the Affiliation join process. Players will no longer be required to beat the Affiliations Boss in the Underground in order to join their first Affiliation.

Now, all players will be directed to the Affiliation menu upon returning to the Main Menu after reaching level 10. Players can then join an affiliation of their choice and begin reaping the rewards without having to complete any additional actions.

Choose wisely my fanny pack wearing friends, only your first Affiliation can be joined without beating the Boss.

BOUNTIES have replaced Timed Challenges

We have reworked the timed challenges displayed on the PLAY! and PAUSE Menus, turning them into BOUNTIES.

BOUNTIES reward CHIPS instead of REP for completion! Players can hold 1 Weekly and 3 Daily challenges at a time.

Weekly challenges reset each week, Daily each day at 00:00 UTC (this will be the same time that your Daily Cut is ready), so make sure to complete these before they expire!

DAILY CUT payout changes and increased messaging

We have adjusted the DAILY CUT reward values and increased rewards for building a Streak.

We have also added additional messaging to let players know when their next cut is ready, as well as what level they will receive their Next Cut Increase.

We wanted to emphasize the Streak Bonus multiplier instead of the Base Bonus to further reward players who come back more often.

Players will also now build their streaks quicker, resulting in more chips faster for consecutive log-ins.


We are always looking to improve the game, along with the larger changes mentioned above, here are some quality of life improvements we’ve made.

If you’d like to know more about these changes, or suggest new ones, please let us know on the Forums!

Reduced higher Buy-In unlock levels so that table limits unlock much earlier

    • Most limits will now unlock by level 10 and all buy-ins are unlocked by level 50
  • Multiple improvements to the way cards display on the screen
    • Fixes blank cards showing up sometimes
    • Makes transitions generally more robust.
  • Added additional animations when players join and leave the table

Bug Fixes


Additional stability fixes


Allow camera control during muck selection

  • Fixed a bug where Challenges that required the player to equip a specific table item were not progressing
  • Fixed a bug where Challenges that required players to Refill were not progressing correctly with Table Refills
  • Force empty hole cards state when a new hand is dealt
  • Added call-fold configuration to RAM
  • Fixed bug caused by toggling between controller and mouse
  • Added “Muck It” REP Reward
    • This REP Reward awards REP for showing cards at the end of the hand
  • Updated HAND RANKINGS button in Controls screen
  • Fixed multiple bugs that would occur when spamming buttons


Rework featured item loading, fixing an issue where featured item cards were displaying blank

  • Updated Credits


Fixed an issue that caused the game camera to clip through the level upon exiting a game

  • Multiple item icons have undergone art adjustments
  • Fixed multiple issues with avatar hair and items clipping when the orbit camera is at certain angles
  • Fixed multiple Translucency and material sorting issues within the Venues


  • Numerous fixes to English strings
  • Added numerous translations


  • Global volume mixing and balancing
  • Fixed issues with Mayor FUE VO and Boss VO going silent and not coming back
  • Fixed a bug where no sound effect was playing when switching genders with the controller