Senior Software Engineer

Thank you for your interest in our Senior Software Engineer career listing. We are always looking for experienced talent to join the Pipeworks team!

We regularly update our job listings, so If you can’t locate a position that aligns with your skills, please feel free to submit your resume and we will keep for future consideration.

If you the following listing isn’t quite the right match take the time to submit a general application.


  • Write code in C++, C# or Python
  • Work with commercial game engines
  • Solve complex engineering problems that may require new or novel solutions.
  • Read game design documents, and assist designers in the scoping and refinement of design
  • Design and implement entire game systems
  • Schedule, estimate, and plan tasks for entire projects
  • Locate, triage, and fix bugs
  • Collaborate with artists, designers and producers as necessary
  • Push the studio’s technology and adoption of new techniques
  • Work with studio management to meet the studio’s business goals
  • Lead large teams of engineers when required
  • Perform management functions when assigned direct reports
  • Mastery of C++ and C#
  • Knowledge of development tools such as IDEs, debuggers, profilers, and revision control systems
  • Extensive knowledge of all facets of game development
  • Ability to manage a large team of engineers
  • Knowledge of common DCC tools used to create games (Max, Maya, Photoshop, etc.)
  • Facility with either Unity or Unreal (preferably both)
  • Must be accepted as a technical leader in their area
  • Solve complex engineering problems that require multiple engineers
  • Work independently for extended periods
  • Lead large teams of engineers
  • Produce technical design documents and standards
  • Meet deadlines and ship products
    • A BS in computer science or related field (mathematics, physics, engineering) and at least 7 years industry experience or, 10 years industry experience
    • Should have worked on multiple shipped titles on at least 2 different platforms through all phases of development

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