Software Engineer - Wizards of the Coast

Thank you for your interest in our Software Engineer career listing. We are always looking for experienced talent to join the Pipeworks team!

Pipeworks Studios is searching for a Software Engineer to work on Magic: Spellslingers in collaboration with Wizards of the Coast. This person will work as a software engineer within a team to implement new cards and “planeswalkers” on an upcoming, online collectible card game.

Due to COVID-19, this position will start remotely until conditions permit returning to the office in Eugene, OR. Necessary hardware and software will be provided to support a remote work environment.


  • Write code on both the game client and server to implement new cards, planeswalkers, and new game mechanics
  • Professional or hobby project experience writing C# code and working with the Unity game engine
  • Desire for a career in game programming with a commitment to continually honing your craft
  • Good communication skills, especially with non-engineering disciplines such as Art and Design
  • Experience as a professional software developer, especially in any sort of leadership or project management capacity
  • A passion for collectible card games, especially Magic: The Gathering
  • A BS in computer science or related field (mathematics, physics, engineering)
  • Experience with any of the following:
    • Game client-server networking
    • Perforce version control
    • Jira

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