New Features Headline This Update


It’s here! A new SUPERFIGHT game update is now available. There’s a ton of new things, and we’ve touched on them briefly two posts ago. We’ll start with what we’ve announced so far, and then move on to the rest of the cool stuff. Let’s dive in.

The Challenge Deck

The Challenge Deck allows you to modify fights similar to Locations and Scenarios. These cards change the argument; it’s no longer about a fight, but something specified in the deck. Who would win in a Hot Dog Eating Contest or a Rap Battle?

This deck is free, and you’ll find it in your Collection next time you log in. You’ll start with most of the cards, but some unlock through progression. These cards can be turned on by the game host.

Give these a shot for some hilarious arguments!

Deck Selection Updates

In the spirit of providing more ways to play with the cards you own, we wanted to let you mix and match your decks. Want Anime Characters with Walking Dead Attributes? DO IT.

When you’re about to enter a game, you can decide which parts of a deck you’d like to bring with you. This applies to Characters, Attributes, Locations, and Scenarios.

Try mixing up your decks and see what happens. Tip: if you try mixing Red and Green!


Voting Update

We’ve improved a few things about voting as a judge IN game. We now allow you to vote at any time during the discussion. This frees you up to make that decision with a bit more time. We found that there was quite a bit of pressure to do so.

We also added voting indicators for the judges. Once you vote for someone, your name shows up on the side you voted for. This makes it clearer to everyone in game that you’ve made a choice.

We’re hoping this also creates discussion around why judges are siding with a particular fighter. These changes also help us with…


Sudden Death

We want the winner to ALWAYS feel awesome. We felt the previous tie system while great, ultimately became a coin toss. That’s no fun at all. So we’re changing it up.

Now, when judges can’t agree on a winner, we go in to SUDDEN DEATH. We throw out the cards for both fighters, and draw again.

This time, it’s just characters. We make the fighters argue it out again – leaving it to the judges to come to agreement. We repeat this until the fighters make a compelling enough argument for the judges to agree. Get ready to lose more friends!


Art Collection

As you’ve seen through many of our posts, we’ve created art that supports some of the crazy combinations you can put together in SUPERFIGHT. We enjoyed the art so much that we made them a part of the game.

We also thought it would be amazing if the art unlocked as you actually got the combinations in the illustration. Each picture uses a full combination of cards – one character and two attributes.

You unlock each picture if you get two of the three cards during a round of SUPERFIGHT.

Each picture also has a Title you can earn to go a long with it.


New Titles

In addition to the new Titles that unlock with the combinations from the Art Collection, we’ve put in several new Titles that unlock in the same manner. If you’re able to make certain combinations, you earn a new Title.


What’s left?

While the above additions and updates are the majority of what’s going on, we’ve applied a number of fixes and tweaks to improve the game.

We’re continuing to listen to your feedback, and are now focused on the next big update. This one will be just as big – and I can share more soon.

Until then, we hope you enjoy the new SUPERFIGHT game update! Thank you for playing SUPERFIGHT!