SUPERFIGHT Stars in Twitch Push for 'Stream First Game Design'


On March 14, Twitch announced a new initiative aimed at promoting the development of games that incorporate streaming video technology. Inspired by unique collective gameplay experiences across the platform, Twitch hopes developers will embrace the potential of audience interaction in their game designs.

“In the last few years, we have seen a great deal of creativity in online interaction methods from the Twitch community, including Twitch Plays games, channel loyalty currencies, and subscriber tournaments, among many others,” said Brooke Van Dusen, Twitch’s Director of Game Developer Success.

“However, these systems have always been external to the games broadcasters are playing. Stream First games by nature embrace these developments, incorporate features inspired by these creative concepts of Twitch community interaction, and bring about an entirely new genre of video game.”

The poster child for this concept is Pipeworks’ own SUPERFIGHT, the digital version of Darin Ross’ hit card game of outrageous arguments.

At its core, SUPERFIGHT is a game about two people engaged in a duel of wits. The most impressive aspect of SUPERFIGHT lies in its ability to immediately engage viewers around the globe.

About SUPERFIGHT Twitch Functionality

Viewers cast their votes for the best hilarious arguments, and gain rewards as in-game experience points. The satisfaction of watching a player’s dreams of victory collapse in real-time is a plus.

As an example of Stream First design, SUPERFIGHT took its first steps into the public limelight at the GDC 2016.

Twitch kicked things off with a live demo of the game featuring Pipeworks Game Designer Amor Estandian alongside three popular Twitch personalities, Swiftor, PhallofPhariss, and DzLiveOnTwitch