Technical Artist

Thank you for your interest. We are always looking for experienced talent to join the Pipeworks team!

Pipeworks Studios seeks a highly motivated Technical Artist for a large project requiring the implementation of engaging UI/UX designs. As a Technical Artist, you will work with a team located on-site in Eugene, Oregon to deliver great user experiences. The Technical Artist should remain up to date on UX design best practices and current technology related to UI.

Essential Job Functions

  • Solve complex UI challenges with technical direction
  • Must be a strong scripter with Flash scripting a massive plus
  • Work with UI designers to translate user requirements and project strategies into engaging user experiences
  • Work with our Engineering/Design team to collaborate on turning mockups into functional art in the game
  • Strong understanding of scripting; experience with flash specific scripting preferred
  • Ability to work effectively in a team environment
  • Comfortable working with game engines
  • Interest in the game industry and a desire to contribute in game creation
  • Understanding of bug fixing and investigation
  • Understanding of 3D art
  • Ability to concept and create art to inspire project direction
  • Collaborate with other artists to achieve project goals
  • Make decisions to improve art direction
  • Ship a title that required accurate time management and adaptations to its direction
  • Continually build knowledge of UX by staying up to date on current trends and best practices
  • Understand what users want/expect and determine the best way to deliver on their actions

Highschool diploma required, BA preferred. Must has a strong foundation in scripting and at least 1-2 years of industry experience.

Materials Required: Candidate should provide portfolio of art that they have created or directed and a resume detailing the projects/studios that they have been a part of. Depending on experience, a technical test may be required.

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