Terraria November Update - State of the Game (2018)


Greetings, Terrarians!

We hope that you’re enjoying the latest patch for Xbox One & PlayStation 4. As promised, we want to provide you with a quick monthly status update on all platforms.

Xbox One & PlayStation 4

As alluded to in the previous state of the game post there’s some technical housekeeping that Pipeworks are in the process of completing. This includes a Unity Engine update and some platform-specific PlayStation/Xbox Development Kit software updates.

These perhaps aren’t as interesting as prior updates, but they do provide much-needed under-the-hood work that will remove development bottlenecks to keep things running smoothly moving forward.

Along with that, we’ve been monitoring bugs and issues coming in from the wild. Those have been collected and we’re in the process of prioritizing them with our partners at 505 Games.

Once we have additional information on which issues will be addressed we’ll let you know. Just know that your reports and feedback is being reviewed.

We want you to know that loud and clear!

Keep it coming.


Just as with Switch, seeing is believing on this, so that’s what we are working towards. More news on this soon.

Nintendo Switch

As you saw from @Cenx‘s twitter picture just a week or so ago (https://twitter.com/Cennxx/status/1054807176869527554), Switch is real and Redigit has had it in his hands! It’s been a really great month production wise – and we’ve had great fun reviewing the milestone with touch functionality integrated.

The next production milestone is going to be focused on Re-Logic feedback on the UI and the implementation of features we have requested.

We think the build looks and feels great. Terraria really feels at home on Switch and we are starting to see the benefits emerge from having a unified codebase.

There’s still a lot of work left to do, but the team is happy where things are at right now – still looking good for that 2019 launch.


As you all know 1.3.6 is heavily in development for PC. We have added many new features and mechanics, hired several part time programmers from the mod community, and significantly added to the soundtrack of the game!

Finally, we are very excited to announce the most recent edition to Terraria; Blood Moon Fishing! During Blood Moons you will now be able to fish up disgusting new monsters for a chance at new loot related to the Blood Moon!

Below you will see a new work-in-progress enemy you can expect to see.