After months of wildly successful beta tests and hilarious live streams starring a laundry list of fan-favorite Twitch personalities, Pipeworks Studio and 505 Games are proud to announce that SUPERFIGHT launches on Steam today!

Based on the hit card game of ludicrous arguments created by Darin Ross

SUPERFIGHT offers word warriors and master debaters the chance to match wits with opponents from all over the world. Using cutting-edge streaming technology, SUPERFIGHT offers real-time voice and video chat for up to four players, while allowing games to be broadcast via Twitch with no additional programs or devices.

More than just entertaining stream fodder, SUPERFIGHT thrives on audience participation. While watching the stream, viewers can determine a winner by voting for the best, most hilarious, most creative argument.

Along with the satisfaction of supporting the finest orators on the internet, each vote earns experience points which are automatically applied to a voter’s SUPERFIGHT account, whether they own the game or not.

Planning to buy SUPERFIGHT down the road? Get in there and vote, and you’ll automatically unlock a host of cards the moment you create your account.


At launch, each copy of SUPERFIGHT will include the 400-card Core Deck, alongside the Purple and Blue Decks, which add an additional 100 locations and 100 scenarios to the myriad combinations present in the base game.


Supported with Add-On Card Decks

Those looking to expand SUPERFIGHT even further, will see five additional DLC decks available for purchase at launch, including the geek culture-themed Orange Deck, the risque Red Deck, the Digital Deck – which is exclusive to the Steam version of SUPERFIGHT — the Twitch-centric Mindcrack Deck, and The Walking Dead Deck, which should be immediately familiar to fans of Robert Kirkman’s hit comic book series and its wildly successful TV adaptation.

SUPERFIGHT officially debuts on July 21 at a price of $9.99, but we’re celebrating the launch by slashing 10 percent off the purchase price for one week. Purchase SUPERFIGHT by July 27, and the game’s only $8.99.

For more information on SUPERFIGHT, visit the game’s official website at and add SUPERFIGHT to your Steam Wishlist.

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