Sept. 19 marks IT Professionals Day, an observance dedicated to acknowledging and commemorating the tireless efforts and contributions of the esteemed individuals who uphold the vital responsibility of maintaining uptime, connectivity, and other key technological functions. This all-encompassing holiday is a tribute to the multifaceted realm of information technology professionals, encompassing network engineers, database administrators, system administrators, IT support technicians, and information security experts, among others.
In a world that is now increasingly focused on hybrid work environments, dependency upon IT teams has taken an even greater significance. Every day, IT professionals are called upon to overcome a myriad of new challenges so individuals can do their jobs and organizations can function smoothly. In the game development industry, when you work on some of the biggest titles on the planet, that means being stocked with the latest and greatest technology and software, having lockdown security protocols and measures, and being ready to address an issue at a moment’s notice.

Pipeworks is proud to have some of the best IT experts in our industry on our team. In accordance with today’s celebration of IT professionals, we’ve asked Pipeworks team members from both sides of the coin – IT and end-user – to share their thoughts and words of appreciation.
“I’m always impressed with IT’s persistence when they solve my perplexing problems, and I’m forever grateful for their kindness when they solve my simple ones.”
- Jerome Hirsch, Engineer III
“They say the invisible hand has something to do with free markets and economics, but I know the truth. Pipeworks IT is the invisible hand that makes sure we can all make great games with a safe and reliable infrastructure.”
- Codey Winslow, Engineer II
"Over the last year, our IT department has proven themselves to be the best business partners my team could have asked for. They have taken calls at all hours of the day, been there for us to help in any way they can, and set up an entirely new office and network for us without missing a beat. I am honored to have them on our team. I can't thank them all enough."
- Jessica Rolak, Producer
"The IT team are the people who make our work possible. From keeping everything secure while making hybrid collaboration possible to fixing endless problems, I know we can always count on the folks in IT. On top of all the impressive work IT does, I am especially appreciative of how kind everyone on their team is, and how they always go above and beyond no matter how simple or complicated the task is.”
- Keighlee Riggan, Marketing Coordinator
“I am always pleased to work with our IT team. They always take the extra effort that is needed with any issue. If there is a glitch or a freeze, they always have the answer. Thanks for keeping our tech on track and ensuring our screens never go black!”
- Nate Scovil, Manager, Engineering
"The PW IT team always goes the extra mile in helping production set up for events and meetings and troubleshooting the myriad of technical issues that can crop up.”
- Janice Halka, Associate Producer
The State of IT in 2023: A Professional’s Perspective
By David Lo, Lead Help Desk Technician
The year 2023 marks a pivotal moment for IT professionals across industries. As organizations increasingly move towards digital-first strategies, the role of IT has never been more crucial. We're not just "fixers" or "the people who ensure your computer works" — we are enablers of organizational success. From securing sensitive data against an ever-evolving landscape of cybersecurity threats to implementing automated solutions to mundane tasks, IT is the backbone that allows companies to innovate and grow in today's competitive marketplace.

We are also navigators in the uncharted waters of remote work, facilitating collaboration tools that bridge the physical distance between team members. Cloud services, software-defined networks, and other cutting-edge technologies are no longer "nice-to-haves" but "must-haves" for any organization wishing to stay relevant. And let’s remember our role in ensuring regulatory and contractual compliance, a growing concern in an age where data is the new currency.
However, this heightened importance comes with challenges. Keeping up with the rapid pace of technological advancements, enabling a hybrid workforce, and maintaining operational excellence are no small feats. Yet, these challenges make our roles more rewarding. Each day is a new opportunity to make a measurable impact, solve complex problems, and enable our companies to reach new heights.

On IT Professionals Day, I encourage you to take a moment to acknowledge the relentless work done behind the scenes by these unsung heroes. Our industry is not just about coding or networking; it’s about creating an environment where businesses can thrive, innovate, and impact society.